No hay mucho que decir, o tal vez Sí, pero nada más las palabras no salen... sí así como en el poema de César Vallejo "entonces... ¡Claro!... Ni palabra." sé que hace mucho no posteo asi que los dejo con una canción de aquí a que mis palabras y mi intenert se acomodan... Todo fuese como eso...

I cannot fight against myself
No more
Self destruction that I predicted
Not a long time ago


Thoughts so far from me

The power of my justice blows me away
It's just the case to repeat
What I've never said to you before

I'm alive again

You don't expect from me This chain reaction You can't imagine from me This great affection
See the structure of my pride Wasn't easy to build it away from this I never walked away from you I never walked alone
A pleasure makes me vibe again tonight I'm just thinking how fine it is to feel myself so fine again

I'm alive again

It's time to turn the page and start And then Don't you think that it's time To convince yourself it's over ?
I'm alive again

Lacuna Coil- Purify

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neto dijo...

Let's celebrate together...
I'm alive again, too

I luv you, my little girl...