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Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You quiz!!!

You are most like...Cristina!

You are destined for career success. You have always aced your classes, no matter how hard you had to work for it. You see life as a game that has winners and losers, and you intend to win. You have the unique combination of talent and drive that has the potential to make history. However, because you see life in competitive terms, your social skills may be a little bit lacking. Furthermore, it's difficult for someone so dedicated to career to make the effort to sustain a romantic relationship. Most of the time you're satisfied to be on your own, but sometimes you might get a little lonely. At that point, you'll have to decide whether to lower your career ambitions to make room for family or whether to live with the loneliness.
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neto dijo...

despues de tres meses...no me habia dado cuenta...de lo que se viene uno enterando XD

Diego dijo...

bueeeeno es que por lo que veo, la cura acostumbra de armar setlists con tres encores y no menos de 25 temas... caso aparte.